Wind Checkers Set for Hunting

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Windfloaters for Hunters Set:

Includes 5 bottles of hunting wind checker, climbing D ring, compass, mini storage containers, and a mesh drawstring bag.
Tubular design with a diameter of 0.66 inches and a height of 2.67 inches.

Easy To Use:

Transparent top cover for easy access.
Twist the base in a clockwise direction to reveal the duck down.
Compass for accurate wind direction determination.

Small and Compact:

Lightweight and compact design.
Made of treated, odorless duck belly down.
Can be used about 500 times.
Easily portable, fits in a pocket or hangs on a backpack or tree stand.

Reads Wind and Thermals:

Shows invisible downwind scent path with feather duck down.
Operates silently without producing noise or scent.
Maintains stealth and doesn't alert prey.

For Complex Environments:

Helps hunters avoid detection by prey.
Accurate wind measurements for precise shots, especially for bow hunters.
Essential for hunting training and education, improving hunting skills.


*Windfloaters For Hunters - You will receive our set: 5 bottles of hunting wind checker, a climbing D ring, a compass, a mini storage containers and a mesh drawstring bag. The tubular design of the deer hunting wind detector has a diameter of 0.66 inches and a high of 2.67 inch. Our Detects Subtle Breezes set can help you adapt to more complex environments and needs. Experience the next level of scent control.

*Easy To Use - The transparent top cover of the portable wind detector for hunting bottle can be opened, twist the base of the Wind Detector tube in a clockwise direction to reveal the duck down. When in use, you only need to take out the applicable down through the opening. The compass can be employed in conjunction with the wind vane to accurately determine the direction of the wind.

*Small And Compact - The down is made of duck belly down , lightweight, treated, odorless, fluffy, non-caking, environmentally friendly, and can easily judge the direction of the breeze. It can be use about 500 times. It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry, you can hang the hunting accessories and gear case on your backpack or tree stand, or put it in your pocket easily. without taking up much space. Its compact size ensures it's readily available whenever you need it

*Reads Wind and Thermals - Feather duck down can show invisible downwind scent path. The Wind Indicator operates silently, without making any noise during use; compared to powder type wind indicators, our hunting accessories for men & women does not produce any smell or affect the air and will not be detected by the prey. This is crucial for maintaining stealth and not alerting the game or other outdoor creatures to your presence

*For Complex Environment - Proper visualize wind direction indicator can help hunters avoid being spotted by their prey, and accurate measurements of wind direction can help hunters make more accurate shots and improve shot success, especially for bow hunters. Windfloaters for Hunters also play an important role in hunting training and education, helping novice hunters learn how to properly utilize the wind to improve their hunting skills

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