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Collaboration Process

Reach Agreement - Discuss and agree on collaboration terms.

Select Products - Choose the hunting gear you want to test.

Ship Free Samples - We send you the selected products at no cost.

Complete Testing - Test the products thoroughly in real-world conditions.

Publish Video - Share your honest review with your audience.

Advantages of working with us

No Contract - No need to sign any binding agreements.

No Deadlines - No pressure of meeting strict deadlines.

Freedom of Content - You have complete creative freedom over your content.

As long as you're willing to genuinely test our hunting gear and provide an honest review, we are ready to provide the equipment you need.

Join the New View Hunting Pro Staff Team, build a valuable brand, and serve the hunting community.

We look forward to your collaboration!

Product Selection FAQ

a. Where can I choose products? Which products are available for selection?

You can browse and select any products you're interested in testing from our official website or from our Amazon store NEW VIEW HUNTING.

b. How many products can I choose?

There is no strict limit. Typically, for initial collaborations, we provide 2 free products. This helps expedite the approval process with our finance department and ensures you receive the products quickly for testing.

c. Which products do you recommend?

Clothing: Fleece-lined hunting suit

Heated Series: Jacket, pants, vest

Backpacks: 30L, 35L, 60L, 80L

Chest Packs: Quiet model, large size model

Large Equipment: Trail camera, hunting blind

Knives: Hunting knife set, fillet knife set

d. How long will it take to receivethe samples?

U.S. Bloggers:

In-stock items: 3-5 days

Out-of-stock items: 8-15 days

Canadian Bloggers: 10-15 days

Other Locations: Delivery time depends on shipping speed

Please Note: For out-of-stock items, we will ship them once they
are back in inventory.

Video Posting FAQ

a. Do I have to post a video?

We fully respect your decision! If you feel our products are not worth introducing to hunters, you can choose not to post!

b. What kind of videos should I make?

We appreciate you creating one or more of the following:

Unboxing Video

Review Video

Product Mention Video

c. Are there any requirements for the video content?

No! You can share your honest review. You don’t need to exaggerate the performance or hide any flaws. We fully respect your genuine opinions about the product!

d. Are there any requirements for video length?

No, there are no restrictions. We value the content's quality and the value it brings to the audience over its length.

e. Any specific video format required?

No, both landscape and portrait formats are acceptable.

f. What about the video quality?

Preferably 1080p or higher resolution. The minimum is 720p, as videos below 720p may not provide a good viewing experience for customers.

g. How soon do I need to upload thevideo?

There are no strict deadlines. We respect your schedule. For reference, our partners usually post their videos within two months.

a. Do I need to include sales links inmy videos? Which links should be included?

Yes, please include one or more of the following links:

Amazon product links

Amazon brand store link

Official website product links

Official website homepage link

We recommend including the official website link.

b. What's the link of your offical website

c. What's the link of your Amazon brand store?
d. How can I do when I can't find the product link?

Please message us to get the exact link!

Exclusive Discount FAQ

a. Is there a discount?

Yes, we offer an exclusive 15% discount code applicable to all products on our website.

b. Where can the discount be used?

The discount is only valid for purchases on our official website. It is not applicable to Amazon orders.

c. What is the discount code and how is it set up?

You can create a discount code and send it to us for verification.
The format should be ABC15, where ABC is a combination of letters that identifies you, and it is not case-sensitive.

d. Can the exclusive discount code be linked with theaffiliate program?

Yes, any sales made using your exclusive discount code will be attributed to your generated sales revenue, and you will earn a commission from it. Please click on our affiliate program page for more information.

Cooperation Relations FAQ

a. Will my feedback on products be valued by you?

Absolutely! We listen to your voice! Your feedback on products will be taken seriously by our marketing team and product team. You have the opportunity to influence the creation of your dream hunting gear, a unique product tailored to your expectations!

b. Can I continue to review products from other brands?

Absolutely. We do not restrict you from reviewing similar products from other brands.

c. Can I apply for sponsorship of giveaway samples?

Absolutely. Events such as channel milestones, influencer gatherings, and key product reviews followed by giveaways will receive support from New View Hunting. While we cannot guarantee full sponsorship, we will seriously consider your sponsorship requests.

d. Can I invite other bloggers to join? What rewards will I receive?

Of course! We welcome more talented creators to join our team. For each successfully referred YouTube blogger who collaborates with us, both parties will receive sponsorship of one equipment item each for use as a giveaway prize.

e. Can I access New View Hunting's brand traffic?

Certainly! We will maintain interaction with you on social media platforms. Some posts will also receive our advertising budget support to help generate more traffic.

SocialMedia FAQ

a. On which platforms are you active? What are the links?
b. Where can I stay in touch with you?

We recommend communicating via email or Instagram. This ensures your messages are seen promptly and receive a timely response.

10 Tips for Collaboration

1. Feature our slogan "Keep listening to hunters" in your videos.

2. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

3. Invite our official account tobe a collaborator when posting on Instagram.

4. Participate in affiliate marketing by setting up exclusive discount codes and earning commissions.

5. Use the hashtag #newviewhunting on posts across all platforms.

6. Join our creator program to write articles for our brand website and expand your reach among hunters!

7. High-quality photos are as valuable as videos!

8. Wear New View Hunting gear and matching camo in videos whenever possible. Need clothes? Contact us for samples!

9. If you encounter any product quality issues, even with free samples, contact us for replacements! We stand behind the quality of all our products and offer excellent customer service.

10. Trust New View Hunting. Share any ideas or feedback with us!