Tree Stand Strap Hanger

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Easy Installation:

Secure the tree strap around the tree with the metal buckle.
Place hunting gear on the hooks attached to the tree saddle platform.

High Load-Bearing Capacity:

Metal hook holds up to 33 lbs.
Tree strap supports up to 200 lbs.
Metal buckle withstands up to 125 lbs.
Overall safe weight capacity is 125 lbs.

Compliance with Regulations:

No need to screw into the tree, complying with regulations.
Ideal for areas where screw-in hangers are not permitted.

Multi-Purpose Tree Hooks:

Suitable for various hunting accessories like bow and arrow quivers, backpacks, water bottles, and more.
Provides easy access and organization for a successful hunting experience.

Saddle Hunting Convenience:

Suitable for treestand or saddle hunting.
Ensures hunting accessories are within reach, regardless of the hunting height.


*【East to Use & Install】Let the tree starp around the tree hooks, and secure it around the tree by the metal buckle. You just put the hunting gear on the hooks when you on the tree saddle platform

*【Superior Load Bearing】1 metal hook on the hunting gear hanger can hold up to 33 lbs. The tree strap hold up to 200 pounds. Metal buckle hold up to 125 lbs. Overall safe weight capacity is 125 lbs

*【Avoid Violations】There is no need to screw in a tree with this hunting hanger. If your state doesn't allow the use of screw-in hangers or mounts, this hunting strap hanger will help you comply with hunting regulations while still being able to hang all of your hunting gear and accessories

*【Multi Purpose】Tree hooks are suitable for many tree hunting accessories such as bow and arrow quivers, backpacks, water bottles and more. Easy access to hunting gear and being organized leads to a successful hunting experience!

*【Saddle Hunting】No matter how high up you hunt, our treestand hooks can be used to hang your hunting accessories, ensuring that everything is within reach when you need it