Quiet Camo Tree Hunting Suit For Men With Fleece Lining

$99.99 $169.99

Color: NV Tree

*Ultra-Quiet Material Upgrade:

New generation patented material reduces noise.
Ideal for both bowhunters and gun hunters for a quiet approach.

*Exceptional Concealment:

Three unique camouflage patterns designed by NEW VIEW.
Trusted by 35,000+ hunters in various environments.
Enables seamless blending into nature for various hunting scenarios.

*Enhanced Details:

Removable hood, one-way zipper for noise reduction.
All pockets with zippers to secure belongings.
Realigned zipper compartments to minimize noise.
Adjustable elastic waistband (0.5 to 3 inches) for a customized fit.

*Strategically Designed Pockets:

11 strategically placed pockets for convenience.
Jacket includes hand warmer, sleeve, kangaroo, and side pockets.
Pants feature four zippered pockets for essential gear.

*Versatile Hunting Suit:

Suitable for deer, turkey, elk, bear, small game, birds, and more.
Ideal for various outdoor activities: tactical, shooting, military, paintball, hiking, camping, fishing, and off-road adventures.


*【Upgraded ultra-quiet material】NEW VIEW hunting clothing clothes, which use a new generation of ultra-quiet patented material, effectively reduce noise. It allows both bowhunters and gun hunters to remain quiet and unnoticed by animals while hunting.

*【Stay concealed】They design NEW VIEW's three unique camouflage patterns. There are more than 35,000 hunters who wear our clothes, keep active in the woodlands, mountains, swamps, farmland, shrubs, and other environments. They can quickly blend into nature and stay hidden during big game hunting, small game hunting, and migratory bird hunting.

*【Upgraded details:】Removable hood, one-way zipper instead of two-way zipper to reduce noise, all pockets have zippers to prevent things from falling out. We also realign all zipper compartments to prevent noise from zipper bumps. The elastic waistband can be adjusted from 0.5 to 3 inches.

*【11 pockets designed for hunting】The hunting suit has 11 strategically placed common-sense pockets. The jacket provides two 8-inch high lower-hand warmer pockets, two upper sleeve pockets (7.5 inches* 8 inches), one split kangaroo pocket (22 inches * 8 inches), and two large side zippered pockets while the pants have four zippered pockets. So, Binoculars, knife, rangefinder, compass, water bottle, lighter, flashlight, and other hunting essentials can be put in the pockets.

*【Hunting Companion】Our outdoor sports camouflage clothing is suitable for the following hunting activities: Deer, wild turkey, elk, bear, squirrels, rabbits and hares, quail, Ptarmigan, grouse/prairie chickens, ducks, doves, geese, and other animals. Camouflage clothing can also be used for tactical, shooting, military, paintball, hiking, camping, fishing, off-road, etc.


Q1: Is the hunting suit suitable for late-season hunting?

A1: Our hunting suit features fleece lining, making it ideal for early-season hunting. However, it may not provide sufficient warmth for late-season hunts. We recommend considering our insulated or heated hunting suits for late-season conditions.

Q2: Does the suit have scent-locking capabilities?

A2: No, the suit does not have scent-locking features. Hunters need to be mindful of wind direction to prevent animals from detecting odors.

Q3: How should I clean the hunting suit?

A3: The suit supports both machine wash and hand wash. Avoid using excessively hot water or bleach for washing.

Q4: Any advice on sizing, especially for XXL and XXXL customers?

A4: For XXL and XXXL customers, carefully compare sizes or consider purchasing the top and pants separately for a better fit.

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