Camo Tree Hunting Pants for Women

$69.99 $99.99

Color: Camo Tree

*Silent Movement for Precision:

Women's hunting pants designed for silent movement with minimal sound and scent.
Perfect for stalking prey in various terrains without swishing sounds, ensuring stealth in fields, woodlands, uplands, and open water.

*Complete Camouflage Coverage:

Strategically designed for stalking and ambushing deer, elk, birds, ducks, or turkeys.
Paired with camo hunting clothes, these pants offer full coverage from legs to face, seamlessly blending into the landscape.

*Flexible 4-Way Stretch:

Crafted from comfortable and durable material with 4-way stretch.
Provides flexibility, breathability, and a lightweight feel for optimal comfort during activities like hiking, climbing, or rigorous outdoor work.

*Practical and Adjustable Design:

Features an adjustable elastic waistband for a customized fit.
Deep front slash pockets accommodate folding knives or other essential hunting gear.
The outer shell boasts a smooth, water-resistant surface to withstand light rain.

*Versatile for Early Season Use:

Ideal for extensive days in upland brush and scrub environments.
Versatile enough for 95% of the hunting season, lined with fleece for wind protection and room for base layers during colder hunts.


*Silent Hunting Pants for Women - Allow you to move with no swishing as your legs brush each other, the minimal sound, and minimal scent, handy for stalking up close to your prey in the fields, woodlands, uplands, and open water.

*Cover in Camouflage - Designed for stalking and ambushing deer, elk, mule, birds, ducks, or turkeys, paired with camo hunting clothes can cover everything from your legs to face in a landscape-appropriate camouflage.

*4-Way Stretch - Comfortable and durable material for ease of movement, offers flexible, breathable, and lightweight women’s hunting pants with optimal comfort whether hiking, climbing, or putting in hard work in your wild game.

*Practical Design - Adjustable elastic waistband for a better fit; deep front slash pockets to hold most folding knives, or other hunting gear; outer shell has a smooth, water-resistant surface to withstand light rain.

*Early Season Use - For huge days of stomping through upland brush and scrub, they are hard to beat, one pair of hunting pants will get through 95% of your hunting season, lined with fleece, block the wind and have room for base layers on colder hunts.