Hand Warmer Muff



*Premium Material for Comfort:

Made of printed polar fleece with a soft texture, preventing pilling and color-fading.
Features two layers of fiber thermal insulation for enhanced warmth.
Polyester-lined pocket for smoothness and wear resistance.

*Functional External Structure:

Sloped openings for easy access to both hands.
Large capacity zipper storage pocket, positioned either on the front or back based on usage.

*Versatile Usage Options:

Adjustable shoulder strap can be lengthened around the neck or shortened as a waist belt, offering dual usage options.
Provides a versatile and comfortable warming experience.

*Ideal for Various Outdoor Activities:

Perfect for ice fishermen, farmers, ranchers, skiers, football fans, outdoor construction workers, and traffic safety officers.
Reeds camo muff suitable for hunting, paintball games, and any cold outdoor environments.

*Free Size with Adjustable Features:

Quick-release buckle and adjustable shoulder strap for convenient length adjustments.
Maximum adjustment size of 4.9ft/1.49m, accommodating bulky clothing with ease.


*MATERIAL: The hand warmer muff is made mainly of printed polar fleece with fine and soft texture without pilling and color- fading. Soft,comfortable and breathable, with two layer fiber thermal insulation material inside. Pocket lined with polyester material, smooth and wear resistant.

*EXTERNAL STRUCTURE: A muff with the sloped openings,easily access for both hands.A large capacity zipper storage pocket, either on the front or on the back, depending on how you use it.

*MULTI-ROLE: Can lengthen the shoulder strap around your neck, also can shorten the shoulder strap as a belt tied to the waist. Two ways of using can make you fully experience the warmth.

*HANDY FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES:The muff is great for ice fishermen,farmers, ranchers, skiers, football fans, outdoor construction workers and traffic safety officers. The reeds camo muff is also available for hunting, paintball games and any place where you feel cold.

*FREE SIZE: With quick release buckle and adjustable shoulder strap, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable length conveniently, the maximum adjustment size is 4.9ft/1.49m, which can be easily slided out to accommodate bulky clothing.

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