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  • Commission Rate: Enjoy a competitive 15%, surpassing industry standards.
  • Cookie Time: Benefit from a generous 30-day window, maximizing your commission potential.
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  1. How do I earn commissions?
    You earn a 15% commission on sales generated through your exclusive affiliate link.

  2. What are "cookie days"?
    Cookie days refer to a 30-day tracking period. If a customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your link, you still receive the commission.

  3. Can I have a unique discount code?
    Yes, you can have a personalized discount code to enhance your promotional efforts.

  4. Are there restrictions on promotion channels?
    No, there are no limitations. Any sales generated through your exclusive link, regardless of the promotional channel, qualify for commissions.

  5. Is it possible to receive product samples?
    Yes, we evaluate applications and provide free samples to qualifying affiliates.

Unlocking Adventures: The Impactful Journey of Jack with NEW VIEW's Affiliate Program

On a sunny morning, the avid hunter and YouTuber, Jack, received a special invitation: the NEW VIEW affiliate program. Being passionate about outdoor activities, Jack is always on the lookout for opportunities to bring unique value to his audience.

One of the biggest attractions of joining the NEW VIEW affiliate program is the chance to earn a 15% commission on sales. To get a deeper understanding of NEW VIEW's products, he eagerly applied for some hunting gear samples. After thoroughly testing and experiencing these gears, Jack was convinced that this was something he wanted to share with his audience.

So, he decided to create a series of videos on his YouTube channel, showcasing the real advantages and potential drawbacks of NEW VIEW hunting gear. By providing authentic experiences, he broke away from traditional advertising and offered unique insights to his audience. He honestly shared the performance and features of each product, guiding viewers to better understand these hunting gears.

As a result, the audience became interested and flocked to the NEW VIEW website to make purchases. Thanks to Jack's recommendations, viewers developed trust in NEW VIEW's products. Jack not only gained the hunting gear he loves but also earned a substantial commission through his efforts and professional sharing.

This collaborative model creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Jack receives the hunting gear he's passionate about, providing valuable information to his audience through his experiences. Meanwhile, viewers are satisfied with their purchases of high-quality, recommended products. NEW VIEW gains orders and broader brand influence throughout this process.

In the NEW VIEW affiliate program, Jack found a perfect collaboration where he isn't just a promoter but a genuine guide who cares about his audience. Such a partnership not only earns him recognition on the YouTube platform but also solidifies his reputation in the outdoor community.