Men's Heated Pants - Tree Camo



*QUICK HEATING & KEEP WARM - Electric heated pants are equipped with carbon fiber heating elements built into the back waist and knees; 3 large heating zones can warm up your legs in 5 seconds and keep you cozy during long waits for prey.

*ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS - Control your comfort with the push of a button, whether you prefer a slight warmth(115°F), a toasty warm embrace(130°F), or a soothing hot soak(145°F); included 10000mAh 5V power bank ensures heating for 4 to 7 hours.

*WATER-RESISTANT & WINDPROOF - Our heated hunting pants utilize a patented tree camo soft shell and fleece lining, providing super quiet & blending in with nature; ideal for cold weather hunting: bow hunting, whitetail deer hunting, duck hunting, waterfowl hunting, ice fishing, hiking, and travel.

*FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Rechargeable heated camo pants have 2 zippered pockets, keeping your belongings securely stored; designed with an elastic waistband and belt loops for personalized fit.

*MACHINE WASH & EASY CARE - Cleaning is a simple process. Remove the battery pack and cover the plug with rubber cap; wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and hang to dry. Even after multiple washes, our heated pants maintain its quality and performance.


Quick Heating & Leg Comfort:

Carbon fiber heating elements in the back waist and knees.
3 large heating zones warm up legs in 5 seconds.
Ideal for keeping legs warm during extended waits in the outdoors.

Adjustable Temperature Settings:

Control comfort with a button push.
Choose from three temperature settings (115°F, 130°F, 145°F).
Includes a 10000mAh 5V power bank for 4 to 7 hours of heating.

Water-Resistant & Windproof Design:

Patented tree camo soft shell and fleece lining.
Super quiet performance, blending with nature.
Perfect for various cold weather hunting activities.

Functional Design for Convenience:

2 zippered pockets for secure storage.
Elastic waistband and belt loops for a personalized fit.
Enhances convenience during outdoor activities.

Machine Wash & Easy Care:

Simple cleaning process; remove the battery pack and cover the plug.
Machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water.
Maintains quality and performance even after multiple washes.