New View Car Gun Safe



On-the-Go Gun Protection:

Ensure responsible handgun transportation with a car gun safe.
Meets legal requirements for secure and discreet firearm storage.
Sturdy build, electronic lock, and anti-theft cable enhance security.

Discreet and Secure Storage:

Matte black finish conceals the safe, keeping firearms hidden.
Included drawstring bag adds an extra layer of protection.
Safely store and transport valuable belongings with peace of mind.

Portable and Convenient Design:

Lightweight design and comfortable handle for easy portability.
Always have your handgun within reach for various situations.
Ideal for travel, commuting, shooting range visits, and daily errands.

Flexible Accessibility with Biometric Technology:

Smart gun lock box with biometric options for easy access.
Multiple entry methods: fingerprints, codes, and keys.
Micro-USB port ensures reliable temporary power supply.

Versatile Compatibility for Full-Size Pistols and Vehicles:

Compatible with various full-size pistol types.
Fits well in car, SUV, and pickup models.
External dimensions make it easy to store in trunk or under the seat.


*Protect Your Gun On The Go - Carry your handgun responsibly with our car gun safe that meets legal transportation requirements; with a sturdy build, electronic lock, and anti-theft cable, your pistols stay safe from damage, prying eyes, and accidental discharge, giving you peace of mind wherever you travel

*Secure Storage - Keep your firearms hidden from view with our car safe's matte black finish and included drawstring bag; say goodbye to the worry of leaving your weapon in the vehicle and hello to reassurance, knowing that your valuable belongings are stored safely and transported discreetly

*Portable Design - Take your handgun safe conveniently with a lightweight design and comfortable handle, always having your gun within reach for whatever comes your way, whether crossing states, commuting to work, heading to the shooting range, or running errands

*Flexible Accessibility - Smart gun lock box with biometric technology offers easy access with multiple entry options, including fingerprints, codes, and keys; only authorized users can open the pistol safe; the added Micro-USB port is a reliable feature for temporary power supply

*Versatile Compatibility - Compatible with various full-size pistol types and car, SUV, and pickup models, its external dimensions of 12.7"L x 8.5"W x 3"H make it easy to store in your trunk or under the seat, ensuring that your firearms remain secure and easily accessible in your vehicle