Camo Tree Insulated Jacket for Men

$89.99 $129.99

Color: Camo Tree

*Thickened Cotton Padding for Cold Weather:

Windproof, water-resistant, and breathable hunting jacket with thickened cotton padding lining.
Ideal for spring, fall, and cold winter, providing warmth and comfort during colder, wetter conditions. Especially suitable for less hardy hunters and female hunters.

*Unique Camouflage for Seamless Concealment:

NEWVIEW's distinctive camouflage pattern, designed by simulation experts and validated by 10,000+ hunters.
Enables seamless blending into various terrains, including coniferous, broadleaf, scrub, and grassland environments.

*Super Silent Material for Precision:

Crafted from NEWVIEW's patented super silent material, reducing noise and allowing hunters to approach animals quietly.
Enhances the ability to get closer to wildlife without alerting them.

*Upgraded Features Designed for Hunting:

7 strategically placed pockets for convenience during hunting activities.
One-way zipper reduces noise, top zipper adjustments prevent collision sounds, and shoulder pocket Velcro is doubled for silent use.
Adjustable elastic waistband (0.79 to 3.15 inches) for a personalized fit.

*Versatile Outdoor Activities:

Suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including hunting, sports, tactical operations, shooting, army use, paintball, hiking, camping, fishing, off-road adventures, trail big game pursuits, constructing work, and more.


*【Thickened Cotton Padding Lining】 This thickened hunting jacket is from NEWVIEW’s hot selling suit, it’s windproof, water-resistant and breathable. Soft and warm thicken lining that ideal for spring, fall and cold winter. The cotton padding lining will make you warm during cold days. Suitable for colder, wetter weather, less hardy hunters, female hunters.

*【Unique Camouflage Pattern Keep Hunters Stay Hidden】 NEWVIEW's unique camouflage pattern is designed by simulate expert, which has been verified by 10,000+ hunters. Will allow you to blend seamlessly into the natural environment of any terrain: coniferous, broadleaf, scrub, grassland

*【Upgraded Super Silent Material】This hunting jacket suit is made of NEWVIEW's patented new generation super silent material, it will help to reduce the noise and allow you to get more closer to an animal.

*【UPGRADED FEATURE DETAILS - DESIGNED FOR HUNTING】Increased to 7 strategically and common-sense placed pockets. Using one way zipper instead of two way zipper to reduce the noise; Re-adjusted the top of all zippers to prevent them from making sounds by collision; Adjusted the shoulder pocket Velcro to two to prevent it from curling up, and from making sounds while being scratched by branches; Adjustable Elastic Waistband, adjustable range is from 0.79 inch to 3.15 inches.

*【GREAT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES】Outdoor camouflage jacket is suitable for Hunting, sports, Tactical, Shooting, Army, Paintball, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Off-road, Trail Big Game, Constructing work and etc.

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