Deer Processing Hunting Knife Set, 7-Piece Game Field Dressing Kit

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*7 PCS Hunting Knife Set: Versatile collection with 11.5" and 11.8" butcher knives, 11.2" boning and fillet knife, 16.6"x5.7" cutting board, 5.4" sharpener, cleaning gloves, and a 17.1"x6.9"x1.6" portable storage case.

*Butcher Knives for Efficiency: 11.5" and 11.8" butcher knives feature 6.5" and 6.7" cutting blades respectively, designed for efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing of large meat cuts during the wild animal dressing process.

*Boning and Fillet Knife Precision: The 11.2" boning and fillet knife with a 5.9" blade offers precision in maneuvering around bones and obstacles, ideal for fish filleting or deboning meat.

*Convenient Storage & Portability: The set includes a 16.6"x5.7" cutting board and comes in a 17.1"x6.9"x1.6" portable storage case, ensuring secure organization and protection during transportation for all your outdoor activities.

*Sharp and Durable: Crafted from 3CR13 stainless steel, all blades provide excellent durability and corrosion resistance. The set includes a 5.4" sharpener to maintain the blades' sharpness for cutting big games, buck, and elk.


*7 PCS Hunting Knife Set Includes - 11.5" butcher knife, 11.8" butcher knife, 11.2" boning and fillet knife, 16.6"x5.7" cutting board, 5.4" sharpener, cleaning gloves, 17.1"x6.9"x1.6" portable storage case

*11.5" & 11.8" Butcher Knives - These 2 knives come with cutting blades measuring 6.5" and 6.7" respectively, designed for chopping, slicing, and dicing large cuts of meat, saving time and effort for the hunter during the wild animal dressing process

*11.2" Boning Knife - The boning and filet knife has a long, narrow 5.9" blade with a thin, flexible edge that allows it to maneuver around bones and other obstacles while filleting fish or deboning meat

*Convenient Storage & Portability - Comes with a carrying case, ensuring that your knives are securely organized and protected during transportation; the compact tool is designed specifically for hunting, camping, fishing, survival, and other outdoor activities

*Sharp Fixed Blades & Sharpener - All blades are made of 3CR13 stainless steel for excellent durability and corrosion resistance, sharp enough to cut big games, buck, elk easily; Included sharpener can ensure the edge remains as sharp as new

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