Camo Face Paint Set, Water & Sweat Hunting Face Paint for Hunting

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*Complete Camouflage Set: Includes 2 packs of face paint, mirror, D ring, compass, and storage container for all your camouflage needs.

*Easy Application: Twist the knob for mess-free application. Quick and convenient, suitable for sport face painting.

*Waterproof & Easy Removal: Oily and waterproof texture withstands sweat, easy to wipe off with tissue, soap, or cleanser. No special removers needed.

*Non-Toxic Oil-Based Formula: Gentle, semi-soft formula safe for the skin. Ideal for camouflaging any uncovered skin during outdoor activities.

*Multi-Use Camo Makeup: Perfect for hunting, paintball, survival, sports events, festivals, and carnivals. Versatile for various outdoor occasions.

*Compact and Portable: Lightweight and compact for hunters. Easily carry in your pocket or hang on your backpack. Won't take up much space.

*Versatile Application: Use for duck or deer hunting to reduce skin shine and provide non-glossy colors. Also suitable for fancy dress and kids' parties.


*Camo Face Paint Set - You will receive our set: 2 packs of hunting camouflage face painting, a carrying small mirror, a climbing D ring, a compass, a mini storage container, a mesh drawstring bag and An extra bottle of hunting wind checker. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro looking to get organized, our face paint sticks set can help you stay concealment prepared

*Easy To Use - Twist the knob underneath the mess-free camouflage face paint for quick application. Rotating design, so easy and quick to use, suitable for sport face painting. Our army military face paint set comes with a small mirror to help you see how your face camouflage will look! Camo face paint for men is easy to apply and adheres well to the skin consistently

*Waterproof & Easy to Remove - The oily and waterproof texture ensures that your face painting will not be stained by sweat. Cleaning is as quick and easy as wiping the paint off your face with a tissue, soap, or facial cleanser. No need for special makeup removers. It is lightweight and compact for hunter, easy to carry, you can hang the hunting accessories and gear case on your backpack or tree stand, or put it in your pocket easily. without taking up much spaceWaterproof & Easy to Remove

*The Non-Toxic Oil-Based Paint - Use a gentle, semi-soft formula that is safe and gentle on the skin. You can easily camouflage any uncovered skin. As with all cosmetic products, we recommend doing a small skin patch test before use as everyone's skin is different. Quick and simple application directly from stick, easily mixed to create a special camo face paint before hunting

*Multi-Use Camo Makeup - The camouflage hunting makeup set is perfect for camouflaging your face during duck or deer hunting to provide non-glossy colors and to tone down highlights and skin shine, minimizing contrast to various backgrounds. They are also suitable for sports events, festivals, and carnivals. Perfect for hunting gear, paintball, survival, hunting, and even fancy dress and kids parties