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Youtube: J&J True Outdoor Adventures


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Channel Description

J & J True Outdoor Adventures was started by father and son, Juddie and Jerod Burgess, the summer of 2011. It is a video show of two common everyday guys from WV hunting in WV. We are not professional hunters, sponsored or affiliated with any organization. Just two ordinary guys who like to hunt in WV and love to fish in WV. We will show our successes and our failures, we will show us testing products that we hear about whether good or bad. We will show the real outdoor adventures of the everyday hunter. We may go hunting and come home empty handed, or come home with a nice trophy, in our eyes. We may or may not capture the harvest on camera. These videos are about the fun of just being outdoors in God's country and enjoying ourselves.

Also, we have videos of reloading and casting, which could be considered part of the hunting adventure. But the primary purpose is to show hunting in the real world, not TV land where monster bucks seem to be around every tree or field.