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Youtube: DS Outdoors


Instagram: ds.outdoors9

Channel Description

Enjoying the great outdoors: Camping, Bushcraft, Hunting, and Fishing.

This channel is all about my outdoor adventures with my friends and family, so come explore with me!

My favorite type of camping is done under a tarp, next to a nice warm fire. I've camped in every season, but nothing beats a Winter camping trip! I have tried a few different cooking setups in my videos - I like to try new setups as my gear continues to improve, as do my skills.

For hunting, I mainly focus on whitetail deer. This is something i've done for over 10 years now and is a lot of fun. However, I am getting into more bird hunting and really enjoy pheasant hunting!

Fishing is something I would like to get more into, my buddy Lano and my brother Carson are big trout fishers, so I hope to gain some of their knowledge and insights!

Thanks for visiting my page, be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy my videos, it means a lot to me. Enjoy!