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My channel is about getting out in the outdoors and enjoying everything mother nature has provided for us such as; hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, scouting and videoing wildlife, etc... Born and raised in Newfoundland, my outdoor activities/adventures changed with the seasons. In the spring of the year we would start fishing for our winters worth of cod, salmon, capelin and trout. As the wild berries ripened we would collect and gather as much as possible starting with the strawberries, then the raspberries, bake apples, goose berries, blueberries, and ending with the partridge berries. In the fall we snared rabbits, fox and lynx. Trapped weasels, mink and muskrats. Hunted moose or caribou and black bears, ducks and grouse. Skied and sled and also cut fire wood for the old wood stoves. Just as one season was coming to an end another one was beginning. I cannot tell you how many times I had my cuts sealed with balsam from fur trees. This is the life I long to return to...