Camo Fanny Pack for Hunting



*Multi-Pocket Efficiency:

9 strategically designed pockets for versatile gear storage.
4 secure zippered compartments ensure the safety of your equipment.
Adjustable water bottle pocket and 4 additional accessible pockets for convenience.

*Stealthy and Durable Design:

Constructed with polyester 600D for water resistance and durability.
Camouflage design seamlessly blends with the natural environment for enhanced concealment.
Quiet fabric enables swift and silent access to hunting gear.
Breathable mesh design prevents a stuffy feeling during extended hunts.

*Adaptable and Removable Configuration:

Functions as a fanny waist pack or handbag with a removable shoulder harness.
Durable buckles ensure secure fastening, eliminating concerns about accidental drops.

*Secure Weapon Carry System:

Specially designed system securely holds rifles, shotguns, bows, and compound bows.
Attach the drop-down pocket for storing the weapon's bottom.
2 buckles on the shoulder secure the top for worry-free carrying.

*Versatile for Outdoor Activities:

One pack, multiple uses - backpack, fanny pack, handbag, daypack, or bino harness chest pack.
Ideal for hunting, hiking, and various outdoor activities.
Tailored to satisfy diverse needs with flexibility and efficiency.


*Mutil-Pocket. The hunting fanny waist pack 9 pockets can hold most types of hunting gear, 4 pockets with zippers keep your gear safe and sound, 1 water bottle pocket with an adjustable strap, and 4 other pockets to hold items you need to use at any time

*Quiet & Camo. NEW VIEW hunting waist bag is made of polyester 600D that is water resistant, durable and quiet. The camouflage design seamlessly blends with the natural environment, making hunter better pretenders. The quiet fabric allows hunter quick and quiet access to hunting gear. And mesh design is breathable, so you won't feel stuffy when hunting

*Removable. The hunting backpack can be the fanny waist pack and handbag with the removable shoulder harness, providing flexibility for hunting trip. Durable buckles secure your waist pack and shoulder without worrying about dropping it

*Weapon Carry. The weapon carry system securely holds rifles, shotguns, bows, and compound bows. Simply attach the drop down pocket on the bottom of your hunting fanny waist pack, the pocket store the bottom of your weapon, and 2 buckles on the shoulder secure the top of your weapon

*Specialized for Hunting. One pack for multiple uses, whether you need a backpack,fanny pack, handbag, daypack, or a bino harness chest pack for hunting, hiking or other outdoor activities, the pack will satisfy you

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