Thermopolis WY Ducks Unlimited Banquet

December 04,2021


It has always been our goal to do more for environmental protection.

We get a lot from hunters. We know we should do something for hunters!

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is one of the largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife.

We were honored to participate in DU's banquet for the first time with the support of our brand ambassador Jeff.

The event was held on December 4, 2021, at Thermopolis WY. We donated three hunting jackets and one family package, getting about $1000 as charities. All proceeds will be used for DU's programs in Wyoming.

Be a friend of nature, we need a “NEW VIEW” on hunting!

If you are interested in being our brand ambassador and contributing to environmental protection, please contact us via email.

We should do more. We can do more!

NewView Hunting