Vest and Logo Hat Set


Color: Model 1

Safety in Color:

Bright flame orange color adheres to hunting regulations.
Enhances visibility and safety during hunting trips.

Ample Storage:

Symmetric twin pockets and a small chest pocket.
Additional vertical pocket for a portable hunting call.
Expands storage space, adding convenience during hunting.

Comfortable Material:

Smooth surface fleece fabric for comfort.
Thickened shoulder area enhances comfort during wear.

Adjustable Fit:

Free size with adjustable buckle straps.
Suitable for hunters with different body types.

Trusted Choice:

Trusted by 50,000 North American hunters annually.
NEW VIEW brand signifies reliability and quality in hunting gear.


Color. Bright flame orange, in line with the requirements of hunting regulations, is more secure on your hunting trip

Pockets. It contains symmetric twin pockets and one small chest pocket. We also provide a vertical pocket for a portable hunting call. Expand the storage space during hunting

Material. The surface of the fleece fabric feels smooth. The shoulder area was thickened to make it more comfortable

Details. The vest is free size with adjustable buckle straps, suitable for hunters of different bodies

Trust NEW VIEW, trust the choice of 50,000 North American hunters every year

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