35L/2200cu Camo Hunting Backpack with Frame and Rifle Holder



*Innovative Storage System:

35L backpack with 15 magically divided pockets.
Complete storage for clothing, rangefinders, permits.
External straps, D-rings, and elastic cords for versatility.

*Weapon Carrying Capability:

Removable gun holder for bows, rifles, shotguns.
Secure weapon fastening with adjustable straps.
Integrated pistol holster in the waist pocket for quick access.

*Efficient Hydration System:

Small hook secures water bladder; shoulder straps provide outlet.
Backpack features a hose clip for convenient hydration.
Ensures water flows smoothly, keeping hunters hydrated anywhere.

*NW Load-Reducing System:

4-in-1 ergonomic design reduces load and fatigue.
PE board disperses backpack weight; steel frame alleviates pressure.
Resin mesh promotes heat dissipation; adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.

*Tailored for Hunters:

Exclusive camouflage patterns for jungle environments.
Durable 600D nylon material with sturdy buckles.
Waterproof zippers, coating, and integrated rain cover for rainy days.
Weighs only 3.3 pounds, convenient for saddle and tree stand hunting.


*Ingenious loading system. This 35L hunting backpack is magically divided into 15 pockets. The large main compartment, appropriate compartments and pockets, and expandable side pockets form a complete storage system. Whether it's clothing, rangefinders, or hunting permits, everything can be easily carried and properly organized. It also features multiple external straps, D-rings, and elastic cords to enhance storage versatility

*Weapon carrying capability. The removable bottom gun holder is compatible with bows, rifles, and shotguns. It also securely fastens your weapon to the backpack with adjustable straps. The interior side of the waist pocket is equipped with an integrated pistol holster, allowing for quick access to your firearm for self-defense

*Hydration system. Three key designs build the hydration system. A small hook inside the compartment secures the water bladder, while the shoulder straps provide a water outlet and the backpack has a hose clip. Water means life, Water is essential, and with this backpack, it flows smoothly from the pack to the hunter's mouth, making hydration convenient anytime, anywhere

*NW load-reducing system. A 4-in-1 ergonomic load reduction design that comprehensively reduces the load and fatigue during hunting trips. The PE board disperses the weight of the backpack, the steel frame alleviates pressure on the back, the resin mesh promotes heat dissipation, and the adjustable length and height of the shoulder straps adapt to your body shape. With this compound ergonomic carrying system, you won't feel tired even when fully loaded. Enjoy hunting, enjoy your time

*Details for hunters. Exclusive camouflage patterns suitable for jungle environments. The 600D nylon material is durable and resistant to wear, while the sturdy buckles securely protect your items. Waterproof zippers, a waterproof coating, and an integrated rain cover effectively keep the backpack dry when on rainy days to face the sudden change in weather. Weighing only 3.3 pounds and featuring a convenient carry handle, it is particularly suitable for saddle hunting and tree stand hunting

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