Jason never knew that one day, besides his two children-Sitka and Kuiu, he would Profoundly affect another hunting clothes company from China. "fake design, fake item, fake brand, junk from China.". Some hunters leave negative reviews like this. That's one of the inherent impressions in this industry. That makes us upset. What can we do to change our destiny? Yes, the attitude you have toward customers will decide your destiny.

Never deny that we have learned from US hunting brands. Mossy Oak, First Lite, and Browning, these leading corporations can always provide hunting apparel hunter trust. But the most thing, the attitude toward hunters, is learned from Jason Hairston. You may have read much about him, a former NFL player, the co-founder of Sitka, the founder of Kuiu, a successful businessman, and maybe the most important title for him, an energetic hunter. Unfortunately, he left us in 2018 in an accidental death.

What connects us with Jason? It seems unbelievable, but it happened. We noticed his blog at the beginning of Kuiu's birth by chance. In this long-running blog, he expressed all his thought about products, brands, services, and brands. He communicated with hunters, day and night, about how to achieve his goal of providing top-ranking hunting gear. You can find answers about why they choose Toray, why there must be a chest pocket in the waterproof jacket, and more details about your hunting trip.

Listen and listen, keep listening to hunters. We can never regard ourselves as hunters' teachers. We must know we are students of hunters, no matter whether we are a developed or developing company.

I have to admit that we were so happy at first just because we realized we got the chance to know much about the "secret" of hunting clothing from a great man in this blog. But finally, all our team think the attitude that listening and communicating with hunters helps us more. It is beyond our expectations.
When we saw the group photo he shared, which included the logo hat, jacket, pants, sleeping bag, backpack, and other KUIU gear, we swore that one day we would be the leader in this market, and Hunters would get these from us at reasonable prices.

It was heartbreaking to hear the bad news on Sep 4, 2018. Our teacher and competitor-single side-I know he doesn't know NEW VIEW, a small and new brand, passed away from suicide. His death let more people recognize the difficulty and importance of CTE treatment.

We know he was criticized for the high price by some hunters, who complained that Jason is a pure businessman who pays more attention to paper buck than running buck. Hunters have the right to share their opinion. But no one can deny that Jason created two successful brands and won his reputation in the hunting field.

Now, NEW VIEW has become one of the rising brands in hunting gear. We know we won't have an opportunity to be known by him and let him know how he influenced us. But we believe that more and more hunters will benefit from how he influenced hunting brands like NEW VIEW.

Keep listening to hunters. That's what we can do.

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