Name: Jeff Turkowski

From: Springs, Colorado.

Hunting Experience: 25 years

Brief Introduction:

Jeff is an experienced hunter from Colorado. He is also the father of 2 children. In 2021, we are so glad that Jeff became our brand partner. He is also the first fan we interviewed.

Thanks, Jeff!

excerpts of interview record

Julian:Hello Jeff. As you introduced, you have been involved in hunting for 25 years. So, how did it start and what made you get into this sport.

Jeff: I lived in Wyoming, USA for all of my childhood. My father is an outdoorsman and taught me everything I needed to know about surviving in the outdoors. So, hunting and fishing is a part of everyday life, my friends and I used to hunt for farmers and ranchers that needed conservation efforts to be done on their property. This began my love for the outdoors. Understanding that it is not just about killing an animal for food, but that by harvesting animals you are in fact creating a better environment for the rest of the animals became a way of life. A few deer are harvested so the overall population can be healthy, and survive for the next generation to enjoy. Without conservation there would be no wildlife.  

Julian: Living in a state or family with a hunting tradition, will kids be more interested in hunting?

Jeff: Living in states that are lower in population allow for an interest in hunting! If it’s a 5 hour drive to hunting land from LA for example, it’s too expensive for most people to get into it! But if you own land or hunting land is 5 minutes away it’s closer to home and becomes a responsibility that you take care of! 

Julian: Maybe now we know why there are so many hunters in these states: Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and more.The population is one of the important reason.In fact, people like fishing and wildlifewatching than hunting. It seems that hunting has faced more difficulties in promotion than other outdoor activities like fishing, bird watching, Do you agree? Is it because the higher difficulty and costs?

Jeff: Fishing is a summer sport that everyone can enjoy without much knowledge! Summer traveling and national park trips for wildlife viewing is the most common travel time. Fishing is also at city parks and streams in the middle of town. So I believe it is Access to the water versus access to wildlife. Anyone can throw a line in the water but it takes people who like hiking and animals to make it miles up into the mountains. Hunting can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing. Lots of people get lost or even freeze out there because they aren’t properly prepared. Fishing usually has a car nearby.Because summer is so popular for these kinds of activities most Hunting is not allowed in the summer.

Julian: Thanks for your explanation.Do you want your children to participate hunting like their father and grandfather?

Jeff: My children are better hunters than me! They have small game tags and deer tags this year. My son is 13 and this will be his second deer season. My daughter is a duck hunter and deer hunter and we all Turkey hunt! It is important that they understand that we have a responsibility to the land and to the wildlife. To be apart of that balance instead of exploiting it and ruining it for the future generations. 

Julian: They are so cool! The younger generation with good hunting skills and well-educated grow up. However, it seems that the younger generation in USA is now moving further and further away from these old and traditional sports and there is a crisis of disconnection. How do you see this problem?

Jeff: Children are often only involved if the parents are involved. Even then it seems that the importance of conservation is being lost. However, for populations that exist in the Midwest, and Southern US, hunting is a tradition that will never go away. The existence of people that make hunting cruel or inhumane towards animals really need to see hunting from the perspective of someone that sees themselves as a conservationist, not a trophy hunter. While harvesting trophy deer is a part of culling the older deer that have lived a long life, that would otherwise end up rotting somewhere. This attitude is more popular with the younger more environmentally conscious generation, and it speaks to them. A “NewView” on hunting is needed. 

Julian: Very happy that we have the same attitute to environment!We also focused on the protection of environment and wild life. It's one of our mission. So excited that you and your whole family choose New View, that attracted you to our brand?

Jeff: NewView hunting provides me and my family gear that holds everything we need with a quality material that keeps us all warm comfortable, and Silent during the fall season. Especially with kids that can’t sit still in the blind. At least now they don’t sound like their eating a bag of chips while waiting for deer in the blind. It is also a quality design that is effective in all of our hunts and minimize the need to carry and extra day bag during small hikes to the blind. 

Julian: Thank you for choosing NEW VIEW. Now,let's go back to your hunting experience.We know that hunting is a process of knowing oneself and challenging oneself, often having to endure loneliness and overcome fear. Over the years, what positive impact has hunting had on your personality, skills, or attitude towards life, and how has it changed your life?

Jeff: Hunting is a way of life. Not only does it develop a relationship with nature and the outside world that is truly intimate with the wildlife. It shows that as long as you are willing to put in the hard work, there is nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished.  

Julian: There must be many unforgettable memories from the many years of hunting. What is the most memorable story and why do you remember it so well?

Jeff: The most memorable moments during a hunt are not always the animals that are harvested. During a hunt in Colorado Rockies a held a bear tag along with a bull elk tag. My friend and I hiked from the early morning up to about 11,000 feet at the highest ridge we could find to get a good look at the valley. About half way up, two Bighorn Sheep started fighting about 20 yards away. The smell of musk was thick in the air as each time their heads rammed together it sounded like a bomb going off throughout the valley. I didn’t fill my tag that weekend but I will never forget being able to be that close to such raw power that exists only in the back country. 

Julian: That sounds so cool! Maybe it's why people like hunting!Do you have any suggestions that how can we provide better gear to real hunters?

Jeff: I would say just keep talking to us. I’ll will send you video interviews of all of our opinions and over time as ambassadors we can help.

Julian: I promise we will keep listening!As a new brand, What can we do in marketing and broadcast to let our brand be known to more hunters? 

Jeff.TikTok social media and gun shows! There are hunting expos around the country that introduce new gear as well as organizations like the Rocky Mountain elk foundation that hold banquets for hunters that take donations. Those donations get the equipment out for people to know it’s there!

Julian: Good idea, do you have any suggestions on our official website?

Jeff: I would just have an American go over and edit the site. Replace some words that are more popularly used hereAdd some “redneck” words. Like Buck and Doe. Add tips and tools like how to score a whitetail buck or how to use NewView pants as a floatation device. Something like that.

Julian: Can't agree more.We faced difficulty on language and culture. But we will try to be better.A quesiton about your interview. We are so happy to have friend like you. I remeber a word that I know in the U.S.TV drama, "King maker" What does it mean to you that build a new brand like New View? 

Jeff: To me it means being apart of a company that has a NewView on hunting that allows women children and everyone to enjoy the outdoors like I do! 

Julian: I promise we won't let you down. We will be one of the best hunting gear provider, trust me! Thank you Jeff, thanks for your time and suggestions. Byebye, have a nice day.

Jeff: My pleasure. Have a nice day!

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