It's a controversial question for many hunters if not all. The answers come from all directions, as dramatic as migrating birds flying in waterfowl season. For many young hunters who are just getting their first hunting licenses or are called rookies, it's hard to figure out.

"Hey boy, no doubt a basketball player needs a sleeveless basketball shirt, right? I bet you need the camo clothes."

"Damn it. I even got a 12-point deer when wearing cartoon sweater shirts and jeans. Camo? You guys can show off on IG. LOL."

"Trust me, that's a marketing trick made by hunting gear companies to make money by encouraging  weekend warriors or IG hunters to pay for their expensive apparel."

"The rednecks won't know what a quiet, waterproof camo jacket brings to you. Keep wearing the solid color hoodie your grandpa left, bumpkin."

From whitetail bow hunters in the Northeast to coyote hunters in the South, and from bear hunters in Montana to Colorado's mountain hunters, they may give you a different answer.

Honestly, it's probably an easy question you can answer in 10 seconds if you have thought about it before.

On the other hand, it's like a cocktail that mixes complex considerations such as needs, regulations, and psychology.

Experienced hunters will tell us that deer are color-blind while they are good at hearing and smelling. Turkeys have pretty good eyesight, and waterfowl always fly over your head, so don't wear anything too bright to scare them. So sometimes, wearing a camo when hunting deer is useless. In addition, you have to wear 500 square inches of bright orange to avoid breaking the law, which protects you from being accidentally shot by a hunter who wrongly targets you as their game. Accidental injuries are not extremely rare in every state.

For example, in Texas in 2022, some hunters were injured because they were mistaken for game. (Get the report here)

Frustrated young hunters may find that the excitement of anticipation goes with the wind after putting a flame-orange vest over the classic camouflage jacket they choose from tons of clothes in the outdoor gear store. What's the difference between camo and leisure-style clothing?

They get confused when asking themselves.

Let's put the flame orange aside. A well-designed camouflage connects you more closely to nature. Look at NEW VIEW's classic camo tree jacket. The yellow leaves and white branches copy the paint of the specific terrain in the early season. We can't promise it will help you get closer to the whitetails or not. However, it undoubtedly makes you realize one of the eternal key points of this ancient sport: staying hidden.

Closer means higher shooting success. The lower possibility of being found by games means higher hunting success. What a simple but true principle. The proper pattern will get the assistance of the environment and plates. It helps hunters a lot to enjoy their memorable hunting trips. That's why camouflage is still one of the main points of hunting clothing selection for hunters!

Despite this, many hunters also believe that good camouflages encourage them, like wearing their no.30 jersey before driving to the Chase Center over the weekend. You know it won't help the Warriors score, but it definitely transmits your power to the warriors.

As Thompson, an archery hunter with 35 years of experience, told us, "Picking a favorite camo is like stroking a biblical parchment scroll. I know I crave this moment."

If you ask the NEW VIEW Hunting team again with your doubts about why we need camo clothes, we'll answer with more of our proprietary camouflage.