A deer intrudes into a private hunting land. After tasting the fresh grass and leaves, he suddenly realizes that he is an unwanted guest and gets afraid. Running, fast running, it's the only way to be safe.

Such may be the situation of NEW VIEW Hunting in 2021, after the temporary success. Competition in the hunting apparel market has never been quiet. With the advanced technology of our classic series hunting clothing sets, NEW VIEW has quickly reached the leading position in the hunting apparel category on Amazon. This strongly proves that a reasonably priced hunting suit is desired by hunters.And then?

 The expansion of commercials is the boundary of life or death for a new brand. Most rising companies will stop at the tipping point and never go through. We can't pin our hope on only two hot sale suits to support our company's long-term growth. We can't rely on the existing achievements and expect stable profits.


When you always tell the same old theme and can't bring new experiences to customers and fans, it's no doubt to be overtaken by your competitors.

 Therefore, it becomes a key to persistently providing products trusted by the hunters. Unfortunately, we had to face the fact-although it's cruel-we don't know hunters, and we can't touch hunters.

Don't doubt it, that's the sentence you see. we sold tens of thousands of clothes to hunters every year and get better Amazon reviews than other sellers. but we can’t touch hunters because of Amazon's strict policies. The connection between NEW VIEW and hunters was broken. So, hunters know the logo, don’t know NEW VIEW. We see the reviews, but we don't know who is behind the computer. Is he a hunting rookie or an experienced hunting guide? Does he like our clothes? Does he have any demand we need to cover? The answer is always we do not know.

Finally, we decided to start reaching hunters. Thanks to the advice of Jeff, our long-time partner. We started with social media platforms. It's always difficult at first, with a new account, no followers, no interaction. It's like a small plant popping up out of the mud, no one knows how long it will live. Fortunately, after taking the first step, we soon learned to walk. Instagram posts, photo contests, Youtube videos, more and more hunters found NEW VIEW not only as an uninvited guest, but also as a brand who intended to be a long-term partner. They began to participate in the events we held, and we knew it wasn't just for gifts. They began to share pointed and sincere criticism. “Your zippers fall apart too easily”; “There needs to be at least one hip pocket, otherwise it's a BIG ZERO for me!”; “Garbage, your 2XL is too small, it's not an accurate US size. I feel like I'm wearing it for a child.”.

I know everything goes well now. When they don't care about NEW VIEW, they won’t be picky. Suggestions from hunters are more important than the sales revenue! When you can't be trusted by your customers, you can never be a real brand!

We promise we will always keep listening to Hunters.Feel free to contact us on all platforms, we promise your voice will be heard!

NewView Hunting